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The Sandman's Garden
(1:06:00) Birmingham, AL

The Sandmanís Garden examines the life and art of Lonnie Holley, a self-taught African-American artist based in Birmingham, Alabama. The film follows Holley as he builds a sculptural environment out of discarded materials and found objects in the Birmingham Museum of Artís sculpture garden. His art is by turns profound, playful, and deeply moving. As the garden grows piece by piece, Holley is revealed as a man who has overcome a tortured past. Growing up poor and black in the 20th century American South, Holley worked to overcome prejudice and deprivation by using art to explore his life and ideas. The camera captures the artistís process and reflections as he gathers materials, creates pieces, interacts with others, and relives the joys and sorrows that forged his unique and genuine artwork.

Director: Arthur Crenshaw

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