Creative Interpretations II - 2016

In 2006, the CFAA hosted it's very first creative challenge for our writers and filmmakers. It was called 'Creative Interpretations'. It was wildly successful and produced 12 short films that demonstrated the broad talent of our writing, acting and filmmaking communities in a challenging and exciting way… Everyone who participated had a blast and our audience totally loved the finished projects - AND we all love winning CASH PRIZES!!! SO - we did it again! 

Introducing Creative Interpretations II - a screenwriting and filmmaking competition with a twist… Where one prize winning script will be chosen from all qualified submissions, and it will then be used by all participating film teams to make a short film! That's right…  Each film will use the same scripted dialogue in the same order - nothing more - but the filmmakers will decide on HOW to use it to tell their own unique film using those same words.  All films were presented at the Tower Theater on January 9th.

Keep up with Creative Interpretations II contest details on our website:

Poe Project 2013

Unique for 2013, the Poe Project was a collaboration between the Capital Film Arts Alliance, the Sacramento Public Library, and the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. The project is a competitive program in which local writers and filmmakers were tasked with producing feature length screenplays and short films inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The short films played at the Festival on Friday, September 13.