Schedule 2019

Wednesday the 18th of September

7pm Opening Night Feature - Around the Sun Dir. Oliver Krimpas - Location - The Sofia


Bernard, a film location scout, tours a repossessed and crumbling French chateau. Over the course of the afternoon, he slowly falls for both the place and its owner’s flirtatious representative, Maggie, who recounts the story of an influential popular-science book written and set there. But is their present-tense connection for real, or just a projection of the book’s 17th-century characters?

Writer Jonathan Kiefer will follow the screening with a Q & A

Music Video: Is This Love? - Dir. Adrien Boublil

Thursday the 19th of September

4pm - Student Days - Location - Esquire IMAX

Erin -   Dir. Myles Yaksich

Erin - Dir. Myles Yaksich

  • Progeny - Dir. Justin Daering (29:15) AFI

  • Erin - Dir. Myles Yaksich (17:55) UCLA 

  • Messages - Dir.Zephyr Neumann (:59) 

  • Asa ben 13 - Dir. Sali Elimelech (30:00) 

  • Colorfool - Dir. Bruno M. Viana (11:10)

    Filmmaker Q & A will follow the screening 

7pm - Where Sleeping dogs lie - Dir. Josh Pierson - Location - Tower Theater


In a dingy diner that appears to have not been updated since some time in the 1950’s, we are introduced to Jeff, who in his early 30’s already looks to have been worked over by time in prison; hair slicked back, tattoos, cigarettes in his pocket. We quickly find out that it’s not only his rough demeanor that’s in trouble, but he is visited by a mobster trying to collect on a long overdue debt of $135,000 and needs to pay up in only a few days.

Luckily for Jeff, he happens to know the right guys that are gullible enough to pull something off and get him out of debt fast. His brother Barry is a used car salesman who is also down on his luck and close to losing his dealership position. so if the plan and money is right, he’s all in. He also recruits his best friend Tim, friends since childhood who has always tried to be as “cool” as Jeff comes along for the ride, quickly becoming an innocent bystander in this hectic, murderous tale.

Without the knowledge of his compatriots Jeff just so happens to be involved with a soon-to-be ex-wife of a local rich developer named Bob, and she’s easily able to persuade Jeff that her husband is the perfect target for a robbery; in and out in only a few hours, and none the wiser. The problem is that Bob is in struggles of his own that he never let on to his wife Tracy, and with nowhere to turn, knowing he’s going to lose what little he has left when the divorce goes through, he decides it’s time for the woman of the house to be discarded of - on the same night he’s about to be robbed.

 In this neo-noir tale of lust, deceit, betrayal and murder Jeff comes to find out that he’s left with no other options and ultimately loses everything that is dear to him. 

Friday the 20th of September

Saturday the 21st of September

Noon - Short Documentary - Location - The Crest Theater

  • Into the Fire - Dir. Jason Knight

  • The Neighborhood - Dir. Quentin Lareau

  • Launching Missiles at Goats: Iraqi Refugee and Comedian Yaseen Mazin Finds Humor in Tragedy - Dir Andrew Nixon

  • More Than Our War - Dir. AJ Miller  

    Filmmaker Q & A will follow the screening

2pm - Sacramento Shorts - Location - The Crest Theatre

  • The Spotlight Effect - Dir. Bryan Maretti

  • Pipe Dream - Dir. Chris King

  • Designation - Dir. Jamison Blanchard

  • Banned - Dir. Jasmine Ali

  • Holla - Dir. Tamara Hintz & Summer Hairabedian

  • Domino - Dir. Dominic Kopenen & Tommy Kopenen

  • Jerry Nova’s Love Extravaganza - Dir. Johnny Roman & Kevin Kelly Ulrich

    Filmmaker Q & A will follow the screening

4pm - Sac Music Seen - Location - The Crest Theatre

  • All American Rejects - Send Her To Heaven - Dir. Parker Croft

  • Charlie Barrale X Justin Murta - Are You Ready - Dir. Trey Hamilton & Alie Mac 

  • Great Time - One.Thirty.Seven - Dir. Micah Williams

  • Nyah K. Abdala - Butterfly - Dir. Micah Williams  

  • Kevin Kelly - Sticky Shrimp - Dir. Kevin Molohan

  • Global Love - Dir. Tejas Gandhi

  • The Knockoffs - Dream Come True - Dir. Mark Herzig   

  • Humble Wolf - All The Way - Dir. Robert Helmuth

  • Dale Head - Criminal - Dir. Dale Head, Bret Allen & Ryan Logan

  • XXXTENTACION - OK Shorty! - Dir. Mo Alagi

  • I Dont Know How But They Found Me - Do It All The Time - Dir. Raul Gonzo

  • Lower Dens - Young Republicans - Dir. Raul Gonzo

  • I Dont Know How But They Found Me - Choke - Dir. Raul Gonzo

  • Amber DeLaRosa - Get to Me - Dir. Raul Gonzo

  • Vincent Michael - Freak Out - Dir. Raul Gonzo

  • Katie Knipp - Ya Make It So Hard - Dir. Phil Kampel

  • The Bitter Elegance - Malice in Wonderland - Dir. Anthony Felty

  • Kennedy Wrose - For Life - Dir. Christopher Kimotek

  • Kimball Hooker - What Will I Do. Dir. Kat Kingsley

  • Sophia Rodes - Legacy - Dir. Josh Fesler

  • Michael J Bogdan - What Could You Do - Dir. Dave Ridgway and Mamie Jean Calvert

  • Rachel Steele - Here To Get My Stuff - Dir. Tommy Merry

  • Justin Farren - Betting Our Hearts - Greg Parrish

  • More videos TBA

Sunday the 22nd of September

11:30 - Documentary Feature - 17 blocks - Dir. Davy Rothbart (1:36:00) - Location - Sofia

17BLOCKS_Emmanuel MannyDurantCapitol Building1999.jpg

In 1999, nine-year-old Emmanuel Durant and his family began filming their daily lives in America’s most dangerous neighborhood — just 17 blocks behind the U.S. Capitol. They've been filming ever since. Spanning two decades, 17 BLOCKS illuminates a nation's ongoing crisis through one family's raw, stirring, and deeply personal saga.

1:30 - International Shorts - Location - Sofia

  • A Shadow of Himself - Dir. Steven ADA - France

  • Italy & (This is) Water - Dir. I. Gavriel & A. F. Plaschg  

  • Finn Andrews - One By The Venom - Dir. Alexander Gandar - New Zealand 

  • Mojo Juju - Native Tongue - Dir. Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore - Australia 

  • The Snow Above the Earth - Requiem For the Tunes Unplayed - Dir. Ilya Belov - Russia

  • Christmas on the Moon - Dir. Lado Kvataniya - Russia 

  • ATHENA - Dir. Christian Stahl - Germany 

  • Sucker for Love - Dir. Nathalie Kraemer - Germany 

  • Coco Bottle - Dir. Jungsu Lee - Korea  

  • Adina E - I Couldn’t Help Myself - Israel 

  • It's A New Day - Anouk Teeuwe - Dir. Victor D. Ponten - Netherlands

  • Let’s Go Together - Dir. Jérome Piel-Desruisseaux - France

  • Missing Midnight - Dir. Damien Inderbitzin - Germany

3:00 - The DuckPond - Robert Anderson (1:38:08) - Location - Sofia


Fredriks peaceful life in an idyllic small town is turned upside down 
when his old childhood friend Patrik is released from prison. Together with Birger, the third member of their old trio, they manage to get lost in a spiral of chaos involving a vindictive policeman, a few grams of weed and a gang of danish robbers.

The Duckpond is an elevated drama comedy about the unintentional change that is impossible to foresee and can change ones life in the blink of an eye.

6pm - 10x10 Filmmaker Challenge - Location - Esquire IMAX

  • Hot and Spicy Guru - Dir. Mo Alagi (7:35)

  • (beat) - Dir. Irene de Barraicua (8:00)

  • Get the Briefcase - Dir. Marco Cabodi (7:59)

  • A.H.O.L.E.S. and the Last Key of Hades - Dir. Justin Crose & Josh Williams (7:59)

  • Broken Records - Dir. Tony Alfaro (8:00)

  • Burned - Dir. Cami Ferry (7:24)

  • LOOT - Dir. Edward Arcilla & Justin Guerrero (7:40)

  • The Bone Burner - Dir. Nick Conklin (5:26)

  • Rosalind - Dir. James Cavanaugh (7:58)

  • Peter - Dir. Samantha K. Henderson (5:57)

  • el Tapatio - Dir. Joshua John Esguerra & Paolo Garcia (6:53)

  • Hot H2O - Dir. S. Luis Bocardo (8:00)

  • I Hate Running - Dir. Justin Buettner (6:43)

  • The Hot One - Dir. Raymond Wong & Benjamin Wong (6:05)

  • One Hot Bet - Dir. Jordan Radach (6:53)

  • H.A.W.T. B.O.Y.S. - Dir. Micah Giddens (7:41)

  • The Color of Hope - Dir. Janine Romney (8:00)

  • Pooch - Dir. Chelbert Dai & Bryan Hampton (8:00)

  • Rats vs . Heat - Amanda Buettner (2:13)

  • Hot Mommy - Dir. Larvin McClain (7:23)