10x10 Filmmaker Challenge

10x10 Filmmaker Challenge

The 10x10 Filmmaker Challenge is Sacramento's original guerrilla filmmaking program, with filmmakers having 10 days to make a 10 minute film (maximum total running time) on a given (secret) theme with specific required elements (such as props, lines of dialog, film production styles, etc.)

TEAM REGISTRATION IS Now closed for 2017

The 2017 10x10 team registration opened on July 31st at 10am on this page and all slots have since been filled. If you are interested in being on our standby list if a team drops out please fill out the form below.


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The 2017 10x10 will start later this year. The 10x10 will kick off on September 7th and finish on September 17th. The Sacramento Film & Music Festival is one week later and this allows for the 10x10 to run after labor day weekend.  

10x10 films will screen on evening of the 24th of September. 

2016 Awards

  • Best 10x10 Title: What if we got off on the wrong foot? – Bo Campbell
  • Best 10x10 Theme (What If…?): What if I knew? – Jeffrey Vanacore (Tie)
  • Best 10x10 Theme (What If…?): What if we lived in that place that doesn’t exist anymore -  Marco Cabodi (Tie)
  • Best 10x10 Prop (Barrel of Monkeys): What if the stars were Violet? – Milo Mendoza
  • Best 10x10 Plot Element (Decision): What if I wasn’t trapped? – Javier Fernandez
  • Best 10x10 Bonus Element (Monkey): What if we lived in that place that doesn’t exist anymore -  Marco Cabodi
  • Best 10x10 Film (Jury): What if I wasn’t Trapped – Javier Fernandez
  • Best 10x10 Film (Audience): What if we got off on the wrong foot? – Bo Campbell
  • Directors’ Choice – Best 10x10 Stunts: What if Connor unleashed himself? – Ben Steiner
  • Director’s Choice – Best 10x10 Use of Current Events: What if we don’t pay (An unlove story)? – Clint Quillin
  • Directors’ Choice – Best 10x10 Disqualified Film: What if monkeys could talk – Avery Peck & Samantha Laurenti
  • Best Actor - Samantha Laurenti - What if monkeys could talk
  • Best Supporting Actor - Mayette Villanueva - What if Connor unleashed himself?


  • Javier Fernandez

  • Jeffrey Vanacore

  • Glenn Spillman

  • Matt Baker

  • Sean Bocardo

  • Avery Peck

  • Marco Cabodi

  • Shailesh Trivedi

  • Kerry Parsons

  • Nick von Kaenel

  • Anthony Valenzuela

  • Jacob Schantz

  • Justin Buettner

  • Clint Quillin

  • Davon Davis

  • Stephen Buell

  • Maria Palazzolo

  • Milo Mendoza

  • Gwen Conklin

  • Bo Campbell

  • Ubaldo Guzman

  • Khantey Ouk

  • Cami Ferry

  • Mikko Kuch

  • Josh Fesler

2015 Awards

Jury Awards:
Best Use of Element "Sweet": Dance for Dollars - Dir. S. Louis Bocardo
Best Use of Element "Too Big": The Heist - Dir. Nick Conklin
Best Use of Element "Extreme Closeup": Neighbors - Dir. AJ Mersereau and Justin Buettner
Best Use of Theme "Bigger is Better": Randall - Dir. Ben Steiner
Best 10x10 Film: Randall - Dir. Ben Steiner

Audience Award:
Best 10x10 Film: Randall - Dir. Ben Steiner

Acting Awards (Independently Juried):
Female in a Supporting Role: Shelby Hagensmith, Detour
Male in a Supporting Role: Matt Saccula, Dance for Dollars
Male in a Leading Role: Justin Crose, Neighbors
Female in a Leading Role: Mayette Villanueva, Randall

2016 Best Disqualified Film and Best Actor

2016 Audience Award 

This the is R rated, not safe for work version. Viewer discretion advised 

2016 Director's Choice (Most Awesome Stunts)

10X10 FILMS FROM previous years